Colombia Finca Palmichal

Colombia Finca Palmichal


This delicious coffee from Colombia is packed with incredible flavor! With deep berry tones that are lightly topped with black floral flavors, this coffee is sure to please!

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12oz of specialty coffee, roasted fresh. This is one of our newest offerings from Colombia! This coffee comes from the regions of La Coqueta, Genova, Quindio. This Castillo coffee varietal grows at an altitude of about 5,100 ft, and it’s washed in processing.

Quindio has a very special climate! It actually has two rainy seasons – September to November, and April to June. So it also has two harvests!

It has a floral aroma, with hints of pineapple, mixed berries, and black tea flavors. The body of the coffee is smooth and buttery and it has very pleasant and bright acidity.