Colombia Decaf

Colombia Decaf


Seriously, the best decaf ever! It starts with tropical, brilliant acidity, and then chocolate and nut flavors take center stage! After a perfectly smooth finish, you’ll have a hard time figuring out that this is decaf!

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12oz of specialty decaf coffee, roasted fresh.

This incredible coffee is our Colombia decaf offering. These Caturra and Catuai varietals were grown in the region of Tarrazu, Costa Rica at an altitude of 4,200-5,900ft and are washed in processing. This coffee is decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process in Europe. The soak the beans in water and bring it to a boil. This pulls the caffeine out of the beans. The solution is then filtered to remove the caffeine. Finally, the solution is reintroduced to the beans so that the beans could reabsorb the flavor compounds. The final product is something quite delicious. It has a ton of chocolate tones and nuttiness in the cup, and it’s a nice intense flavor with lots of pleasant body.