Ethiopia Mokamba Natural

Ethiopia Mokamba Natural


This is a very special coffee from the birthplace of coffee! The natural process infuses so much more fruitiness than other washed coffees! It’s a really nice coffee that you simply have to try!

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12oz of specialty coffee, roasted fresh. This is one of our most special coffees from Ethiopia! This coffee comes from the regions of Kambata, Sidamo, Wolyata. The coffee varietal of this offering is Heirloom, and they grow at an altitude of about 5,000-6,000 ft.

Natural coffees are processed very differently than washed, and the result is something really special. Usually, the cherries are pulped immediately after harvest, and the seeds are immediately washed and dried for a couple of weeks. This is the washed process. Natural processing is drying the coffee with the cherry still in tact. The cherry will dry and ferment, and the seeds inside absorb more of the cherry’s flavors. After a week or two, the coffee is then pulped, and the seeds are extracted. Since the seeds have absorbed a lot more of the cherry’s flavors, the coffee tastes a whole lot more fruity in the cup. It has much more sweetness, with flavor notes of berries, grapes, and bananas. If you’ve never experienced a natural coffee before, it’s a must try!