Kenya Nguvu AA

Kenya Nguvu AA


This incredible coffee from Kenya is an exceptional offering! It starts with a very sparkly acidity, followed by a complex flavor profile of bright fruity tones reminiscent of berries, grapes, cherry, and citrus! Sooooo good!

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12oz of specialty coffee, roasted fresh. This is one of our newest offerings from Kenya! This coffee comes from the region of Murang'a. These SL28 and Ruiru 11 coffee varietals grow at an altitude of about 5,700 ft, and it's washed in processing.

This is from a few co-ops of small farms. Together they're working to increase the quality of their product.

Such an excellent coffee. It’s delightfully juicy and fruit-forward. So some of the flavors notes you’ll find are tropical, grape, cherry, and citrus. It has juicy acidity and very rich body. Very complex and exciting!