Mexico Topacio

Mexico Topacio


This delicious coffee from Mexico is packed with incredible flavor! Starting with bright acidity, the sweetness of the chocolate and nutty flavor notes quickly take center stage. The smooth finish and fruity aftertaste help finish off an absolutely delicious experience.

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12oz of specialty coffee, roasted fresh. This offering from Mexico is sure to please! This coffee comes from many small producers in the region of Oaxaca. They pick this coffee by hand, and before they sun-dry it, they pulp it with a hand-cranked depulper. The climate of this region of Mexico is very special. It’s very humid, and the altitude, ranging from 3,000-5,500ft lends perfectly to excellent coffee development. The rich volcanic soil provides tons of nourishment to help this coffee flourish.

Since this coffee is so dense, we push really hard on energy at the front end of the roast; the quicker the increase in heat, the better! We trail off quite quickly during the second half of the roast, and end up reaching about 405F pretty quickly. The result is something surprisingly soft, floral, and fruity! It’s truly delicious!