Tanzania Shinzidiwili Amcos

Tanzania Shinzidiwili Amcos


This incredible coffee from Tanzania is an exceptional offering! With bright fruity tones that are lightly topped with sweet nutty flavors, this coffee is well worth a try!

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12oz of specialty coffee, roasted fresh. This is one of our newest offerings from Tanzania! This coffee comes from the region of Mbeya. These N39 and K423 coffee varietals grow at an altitude of about 5,400-5,700 ft, and it's washed in processing.

Just 20 producers of small farms have banded together to provide this offering. Together they're working to increase the quality of their product. They are working with the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to invest in washing stations and provide training as well.

It has a floral aroma, with hints of peanuts, plum, blackberry, and citrus flavors. The body of the coffee is smooth and buttery and it has very pleasant and bright acidity.